Here’s a bunch of questions you may have before inquiring!

How much do you charge for sessions?

Prices start at $200 for an hour (locally), for a more detailed quote please contact me!

What's included in a session?

When you book a session with me you're investing in a personally crafted package just for you. After we take photos you will receive a printed DVD of your images. If we are shooting for an hour you'll noramlly receive between 50-60 hand-edited images. The disk will include two folders, one with resized images ready for Facebook and social media and then another folder of high-resolution images you can use for printing purposes.

OMG What Do I Wear?!

I get this question a lot - but I always tell clients to wear whatever makes you look pretty (or if you're a guy you can be handsome)! You don't have to look like JCrew models but as long as your attire reflects your personality, that's what we're shooting for(no pun intended). However if you feel like you are fashionably impaired, I do have a background in retail and can help you style your session for sure! Just make sure that you're outfits are coordinated without being too matchy-matchy. Browse Pinterest for inspiration and remember that layers and textures are key! This website gives awesome advice on styling , outfitting, and then some!

Do I have to pick the location?

You don't necessarily have to pick where you want your session, but I recommend picking a place that means something to you. Your photos will mean so much more when you see them somewhere you have a connection with. Maybe it's where you and you're fiance first met, or your first date. It could be where you're family always goes for a day out of the house. If you still don't have anywhere in mind I do know a few places around the island that are always beautiful!

How long does it take to get my images back?

Usually within 2 weeks is an average timeframe for turnaround.

Do you shoot weddings and events?

Not anymore - I tried it for a while but learned that it's just not my calling - sorry! I prefer the one-on-one photo sessions and getting to know who I'm photographing in a controlled environment.